SilverMap is Silverlight based tile map editor useful for game development. Tiles are placed in layers and rather than the typical grid the tiles can be placed at random throughout the map. Each layer is draw over the other and opacity can be applied to a tile. The map control makes use of the WriteableBitmapEx library to draw the tiles and map grid. The editor Silverlight control can be used to create maps and the SilverMap.UIMap control can be place in your game and used to render the maps for players.

Getting Started
  1. Download the source, including the source for the WritableBitmapEx library.
  2. Ensure the WritableBitmapEx source library is in the same directory as the SilverMap library or change the references in the SilverMap project
  3. Compile and run

Creating a Tile Set
You need to create a tile set before you can begin. Included in the main solution folder is a zip of Danc's Miraculously Flexible Game Prototyping Tiles. Unzip these files some where so you can access them to create a tile set.
  1. Build and run the SilverMap.Editor.Web project. A window will popup asking you to create or load a tile set. Click on the Load Tile Images button, select the list of images from the zip and click Open. Next click on the Save Tile XML File button to save the XML file of the tiles. This is a two step process because Silverlight requires user interaction to open and save files on the hard drive in this manner.
  2. Once a tile set is created it will load into the tile list to the right of the map. Click on a tile and then click somewhere in the wide open space to place the tile.

Misc. and TODO
  • You can hide the list of keyboard shortcuts by clicking on the button that looks like a shortcut icon.
  • The cursor button allows you to select already drawn tiles, the paintbrush button allows you to draw tiles onto the map.
  • Snap to grid lines still needs to be implemented.
  • Scaling and rotation need to be implemented when rendering a map item.

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